About New Nom

New Nom is designed to help school administrations to adapt to the New Norm due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

New Nom is a platform where students can place and make payment for their daily canteen food orders online. The canteen operator and school administration will receive these orders. They will then be able to make the necessary food preparation for the students.

New Nom is a free platform for students, school administrations & their canteen operators.

How new nom works?

The Student Experience

Student experience step by step
canteen operator

I'm a Canteen Operator

What's in it for me?

Customizable Menu

Customizable Menu

Menu items are customizable in terms of name, description, price, photo and days where certain menu items are only available.

Order Summary

Daily Order Summary

All orders are compiled to a daily summaries, readily downloadable as PDF.
Several types of summaries are available to suit all levels of operations.

Canteen Receive Payment Online

Receive Payment Online

Receive order payments online and minimize handling of physical cash during the covid-19 pandemic.

Stock management

Stock Management

Reduce food wastage with better stock management by preparing food and ingredients according to daily orders.

Boost efficiency

Boost Efficiency

Let us handle the nitty-gritty task of collecting orders and payments while you maximize your time in churning out orders.

school administration

I'm a School Administrator

What's in it for me?

Minimize student traffic

Minimize Student Traffic

Now that food and payment can be done online, students spend less time moving around outside of class.

Receive Payment Online

Cashless Payments

Payments can be done fully online. Thereby reducing physical touch points.



All vendor, menu, student & payment details are made available to the school administration.

Student health monitored

Student Health Monitored

School administration can monitor types of food being sold by canteen operators as well as types of food ordered by students.

Ease school administration workload

Ease Administration's Workload

We hope that by removing the teachers from the food ordering process, they can focus on what really matters - nururing the next generation.

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Training Provided

Training Provided

Free on-site training is provided to students, school administrations and canteen operators.

Video Guide

Video Guides

Video guides and FAQs are made available to users once they sign in to the system.

Zero cost


No setup fees, no annual fees, no hidden fees.