Refund Policy

We strong advise our users to reschedule their "Paid orders" instead of requesting for a refund.
Paid orders can be rescheduled before the cut-off time of your school.
Kindly only request for refund as the absolute last resort.
Kindly send your refund request to welcome@edumetry.app or contact 017-322 1955.
How to Reschedule an Order?

Important Notice

  • Rescheduling of order can only be done before the cut off time of your school.
  • Rescheduling of order is subject to menu availability on the new date.
  • Canteen operator may replace your order with an order of equal value without prior notice.
  • We may attempt to contact you for order rescheduling confirmation.
Refund Terms
In the event of a refund request:
Refund will be performed by the respective canteen operator to the user at the discretion of the canteen operator.
Refund amount may not be 100% of transacted amount due to spent cost on cross-institutitonal transactions (e.g. E-wallet to Bank).
New Nom is not responsible for menu options & availability, preparation, collection or delivery of food. Please speak to your teacher-in-charge or canteen vendor on this matter.
All photos on this platform are for illustration purposes only.

For assistance, you may contact Leon at 017-322 1955